High Quality Fake Yeezy 350

2019.10.09 11:41

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You say you want to do some authentic-appearing weathering on your brand new Tamiya P-38G once you get it built? Well, here's a great example of just what that High Quality Fake Yeezy 350 weathering should look like. If you look at the nose you can see where the major panels were taped off for the long ocean voyage to New Caledonia prior to prep and delivery to a combat area, and the paint on the entire airframe is pretty severely and uniformly weathered. There's a nose number but no nose art or kill markings as yet, although there's a fair chance this aircraft is Rex Barber's Yamamoto mission mount from the 339th FS/347th FG. Those ground echelon guys are in pretty high cotton since there's a maintenance stand next to the airplane, but they've still got to contend with the heat, the insects, and the Japanese. There were never any easy days in the Solomons. Not ever.

By which obtuse title I mean the photograph we're about to view. I made my first attempt at aviation photography in 1972, at a Randolph AFB open house attended by the cheap Yeezy 350 v2 of the original Replica in Scale. It was a wonderful opportunity I totally wasted by shooting details of airplanes without taking more than one or two photos of an entire example of same. 

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